Law Enforcement Devices

FG-100 Weapon Beacon ST-100 Smart Body Armor GT-2000NP-RF Personal Tracking Unit CTS-100 Covert Tracking Unit More Info

GPS Tracking and Monitoring Devices for Law Enforcement.

Portman Electronics presents the latest in its line of security devices for Law Enforcement, Security and Military Applications, the Weapons Intelligent Tracking System (WITS). Able to be used either independently or as part of an integrated system, WITS is a firearms and body armor GPS Tracking system that employs GPS, RF, and GPRS functionality all in one system, linking an officer's weapon, body armor, vehicle and even K9 unit with each other, and with dispatch, in real time.



ST 100 Body Armor With Shot Detection System

The ST100 smart body armor system utilizes RF technology and specialized sensors to detect "traumatic impact" information, and relays the wearer's exact position via SiRF III GPS positioning back to dispatch. Data from this device can save lives and be a critical tool in forensic analysis.


FG100 Weapon Beacon

Small, lightweight and durable, Portman's FG100 is a GPS locator that attaches to the universal rail of any firearm, rifle or pistol. Without having to key a radio, the FG100 sends automatic, reports stamped with time and GPS data when a weapon is drawn, and each time it is fired. The device also reports on incoming gunfire, establishing conclusively who shot first. Firing reports also capture data on the trajectory of the projectiles. These reports can easily be generated by the server even weeks later, to re-create the details of an incident where firearms are involved, eliminating discrepancies in accounts of the event. This kind of reporting can save forensic investigators hundreds of man-hours.


FG200 RFID Weapon Tag

Usable with any firearm, Portman's FG200 tracks and records incoming and outgoing weapons fire, similar to the FG100. Instead of a GPS beacon, the FG200 contains an RFID tag that works in conjunction with the ST100, GT2000NP-RF, or any similarly enabled device that transmits location data, sending an automatic alert if the weapon moves away from the tracker, indicating loss of weapon.


CTS100 Covert Tracking Unit


A self-contained GPS tracker for covert surveillance. Device has built-in 3600mAh battery (standby operation for more than 12 days), a waterproof housing with strong easily installed magnetic adhesion, a tamper switch and optional external power source for extended use.


GT2200 K9 Unit Tracker

A small, waterproof, rugged K-9 GPS tracking device for monitoring working animals. Contains a rechargable 1100mAh battery (Standby operation for more than 4 days), Selective SMS or GPRS modes, and an Emergency tracking report capability.


GT2000 Personal Tracker

Lightweight GPS locator with two-way communication. Lone security officers and watchmen can remain in contact with their control center while on patrol, using geofenced checkpoints that eliminate the antiquated watchclock system entirely.


"Offender Tracker" package

(GT2000NP-RF, WH200, and charging base) Designed for use with home detention, and as a solution for enforcing restraining orders and monitoring domestic violence offenders. Wristwatch-sized, non-removable RF tag works with a phone-sized GPS unit, and if the two separate by more than 10 feet, an automatic alert is triggered. Attempting to tamper with or remove the RF tag also triggers an alert. Placing the tracker on its charging base expands the range of the tag to 100 meters, so the offender can move about their home with relative ease. GPS tracker has long battery life, stores and forwards event reports in the case of poor GPS coverage for no gaps in reporting, and also functions as a phone to preset numbers. Silent monitoring feature also available, allowing you to "listen in" on GPS unit's surroundings.
Can also be configured to enforce and record violations of restraining orders for violent, serial offenders, domestic abuse cases, etc. Attacker wears RF tag, victim carries GPS. Creates automatic log of violations, protects victim with panic button, two-way communication with authorities.