In order to remain competitive, more than 100 highly qualified R&D engineers at Portman ensure its top position in the world-wide market place in terms of product development and design. Armed with the most advanced professional hardware and software (CAD, PRO-E, PRO-TEL, in-circuit emulator, static electricity tester, etc), Portman is always ready to answer and satisfy customer's requests for OEM and ODM projects. Six specific development teams are dedicated to concentration in Hardware, Software, RF, Sample Fabrication, Testing and Documentation Our engineering software design team uses only the latest and most sophisticated software including Pro-Engineer, Unigraphics and Solidworks. Software Teams are dedicated to several key product groups including Home Security, Vehicle Security, GPS, and App development for Smartphone, IPhone, Android and generic Apps. No other manufacturer has the broad design capability of Portman to meet all of your product needs